April 27, 2018 diginux

UX research vs traditional Museum Evaluation

UX research communicates user stories, not user metrics

By direct interaction with users at the point of action, user experience (UX) research reveals the underlying needs and motivators which drive behavior. UX Strategists then consolidate stories, delivering actionable insights through story-driven data models, not reports.


UX research guides the future, and your next steps

The UX approach is meant for decision-making. User-centered data is plainly actionable – there’s no need for ‘interpretation’. If you’ve ever seen proper UX data, you know the ‘so what’ is embedded in the data set. Your next step is clear, because the data models describe design requirements, detail needed fixes and solutions and offer tactical recommendations to improve your user – or visitor – experience.


UX reveals the unknown unknowns

UX data reveals what you didn’t know, but need to know. It unpacks critical stories and experiences with your experience or program, and helps you discover barriers to usage, approach or interacting you couldn’t previously see.

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