Planning user-centered exhibit experiences

We were excited to wrap our project with the Dallas chapter of the National Audubon Society, aka TRAC – Trinity River Audubon Center. Our project kicked off their planning work for a full exhibit refresh of their indoor and outdoor exhibits, trails, gardens and enclosures.


To ensure a rich, visitor-centered result, TRAC partnered with Dig In UX. We offer  user-centered consulting services and strategies for museums, culturals and non-profits.


Our final step with TRAC, a day-long workshop, included aligning with the new national strategic plan, how to attract new audiences, and ideation sessions pulling it all together. Dig In UX guided TRAC’s creative, experienced team through a series of visitor-centered brainstorming activities – resulting in moments to ‘transition into nature’, interactive experiences, quiet observational spaces, and a buzz-worthy zipline experience!


Our workshop enabled the team to get on the same page, hear and build upon one another’s ideas, and tell a singular story when speaking with funders, partners or colleagues at Audubon National. Dig In UX produced a visual deliverable to articulate the team’s goals, exhibit concepts to and act as a conversation starter with potential funding entities.


We’re excited to report, using our deliverable TRAC has been able to exceed their fundraising goals in their first 6 months!