April 9, 2018 diginux

Experience Mapping

Today, we’re excited to begin mapping participant experiences for a new non-profit client. The final product, a mini Experience Map, will visually describe the guts of this client’s mission: the ‘before’ state of their participants, the transformation they undergo, and the measurable outcomes and personal results participants experience.

As part of our UX Communications offerings, Dig In UX provides visual communications support by collaborating with key stakeholders to develop visual representations of their work in slide deck format, bound for funding conversations and presentations to targeted philanthropies or other partners.

Using layered visuals and graphics, an Experience Map concisely describes this clients’ complex program, so potential funders might quickly understand the mission, steps and achievements and move on to more meaningful Q and A.

A 2017 client successfully raised over $130K in 6 months of fundraising using their Dig In UX slide deck we created together in a one day workshop! #tellyourstory #accelerateyourmission #nonprofitUX #DigInUX

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